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properties built 2003 to 2007 should be checked for chinese drywall. homes built 2002 and 2003 might have the defective drywall because the drywall was allegedly in florida in 2001.

chinese drywall inspection

SKU: mhp110275
  • chinese drywall produces gasses such as hydrogen sulfide, which coats metals with a black residue. this gives off a very distinctive smell, which resembles burnt matches. this black residue has caused new air conditioning units to fail within 2 years, and may also become a fire hazard. severe health effects are common with chinese drywall cases.

  • a $100.00 deposit is required for all inspection reservations.  remainder of inspection fees are to be paid at the time of inspection.

    deposit amount may vary for properties larger than 2,000 sqft.

    deposit is non-refundable if cancelation of inspection within 48 hours of reservation.

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