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wind mitigation inspections are a valuable inspection service that may save you up to 88% on your windstorm insurance. speak with your insurance agent today for a personalized quote. insurance discounts are available for building features that reduce damage during high wind events such as tropical storms and hurricanes. such features include improved roof shingles, strong roof decks, hurricane clips/straps, impact resistant glazing or shutter protection for windows, roof shape and other construction techniques.

uniform wind mitigation inspection (insurance)

SKU: MHP110125
  • a uniform wind mitigaiton inspection is perfomred for insurance purposes to provide discounts on your wind storm insurance policy based on your roof construction & impact protection to windows & doors around your home.  uniform wind mitigation insepctions are required for all new insurance polocies.

  • a $100.00 deposit is required for all inspection reservations. remainder of inspection fees are to be paid at the time of inspection.

    deposit amount may vary for properties larger than 2,000 sqft.

    deposit is non-refundable if cancelation of inspection within 48 hours of reservation.

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